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Early CGI Was Horrifying

KnowledgeHusk | YouTube | 7th April 2022

The early '80s were the Wild West period of CGI. With all their focus on the technical aspects, animators put little thought into the actual plots; thus, we got masterpieces like "scary French man playing piano with laughing masks" and "skeleton man who uses his eyes to play billiards." Fascinating partially because it's unusual to have access to very beginnings of an art form (33m 35s)

Dropped From The World's Biggest Boyband

Vice | YouTube | 1st April 2022

The Korean boyband BTS did not develop organically—it was carefully assembled by the powerhouse label Big Hit Entertainment. Before being cut from the band, 18-year-old Kim Ji-Hun lived in a dorm with the other trainees. "We usually hung around in the practice room. The only time we had to actually go the building was when you were in trouble. It was never for good news" (14m 22s)

What Happened To The Crew Of This Train?

Qxir | YouTube | 1st April 2022

A steam engine is a dangerous thing; "the incredible heat and pressure put a lot of strain and stress on the components, to the point where many parts require periodic replacement to make sure they're always up to the task." In 1943, a train exploded in Ohio for mysterious reasons. An understanding of steam engine mechanics helps explain the tragedy (5m 28s)

Does The President Control The Economy?

Casual Historian | YouTube | 1st April 2022

Democrats often point to the fact that 90% of recessions have occurred under Republican presidents, but the reason for this is more complicated than simple mismanagement. Republican presidents are often elected during the Prosperity Phase of the economy, when it has nowhere to go but down, while Democrats are often elected in the Depression Phase, when the opposite is true (15m 36s)

Historical Video Of The Week

The streets of Ireland, 1985: what are you giving up for Lent?

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