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André Chocron | Vimeo | 7th June 2020

Ingenious one-take short film about two physicists who have a scientific breakthrough which traps the patrons of their local pub in a fatal time spiral. The night's events are repeated from differing perspectives, each of which deepens the world of the film. Shades of "Primer." Warning: Some violence and profanity (25m50s)

Toy Story 3: Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned

Michael Arndt | Pandemonium Inc. | 3rd June 2020

The screenwriter of Toy Story 3 goes into detail about the Pixar filmmaking process. Long, but chock full of informative tidbits – "we basically made the entire film from start to finish seven times before it went to final animation" – as well as unreleased reels from the film. Brings out how much labor goes into every second of a Pixar film (1h12m34s)

Hadestown Tiny Desk Performance

NPR Music | YouTube | 8th June 2020

Excerpts from the jazzy smash hit musical Hadestown (a retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice) performed in NPR's Tiny Desk Room. The inimitable André De Shields, whose performance in Hadestown won him a Tony, shines in a dazzling lemon-colored suit. Concludes with "Why We Build The Wall," a political anthem that uncannily predicted the 2016 election (26m23s)

Could Solar Storms Destroy Civilization?

Kurzgesagt | YouTube | 7th June 2020

"As the sun's plasma churns and flows around itself, its magnetic field gets all kinked and twisted. This creates magnetic knots, that build up enormous amounts of energy. When the magnetic knots break, the sun can vomit plasma (and other awful things) into the solar system." A warning about the possible effects of these rare but devastating storms (9m42s)

Offbeat Video Of The Week

Surreal animated short about a man obsessed with CNN news anchors

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