Cocaine, Chicken, Frida, Mystery, Elevator

Injecting Cocaine Into Your Spine For Science

Medlife Crisis | YouTube | 25th June 2021

1901: Dr. August Bier tests whether cocaine can be used as an anesthetic. Results are mixed: "...after administration he felt nothing in the lower half of his body and I sawed off his leg and he felt no pain. Two hours after the operation his back and left leg became painful and the patient vomited and complained of severe headache which persisted for two days" (14m 48s)


Christoph Sarow | Vimeo | 17th November 2020

The themes are time-worn—warring cousins, the youthful struggle to control one's dark imagination—but the animation one-of-a-kind, as if Edward Gorey's hair-raising drawings had been shot with color and brought to life. Symbols surface and resurface (a fox, a porcupine, urine, chickens) to produce a nauseous, hallucinatory world (9m 35s)

Frida Gets Personal

Nerdwriter | YouTube | 30th June 2021

On Frida Kahlo's selfies. "She gazes through the canvas and into our souls. You're not looking at a painting—you're looking at a person, and that person is looking back at you." Her works embody the indigenous pride of post-revolution Mexico, with Kahlo literally draped in Aztec mythology (monkeys, hearts, skulls, wedding dresses) (7m 46s)

An Unresolved Mystery In Finance

Margins | YouTube | 28th June 2021

The Equity Premium Puzzle: why is the rate of return for stocks so much higher than the rate of return for bonds? Possible explanations include survivorship bias & loss aversion; there's even a theory that the puzzle would be resolved by an extreme economic disaster. But the broad consensus among economists is that the discrepancy remains unexplained (6m 42s)

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