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This will be the last edition of The Viewer. We've enjoyed sharing it with you all so much over the past two years, and we'd like to earnestly thank every one of you for subscribing. We hope that despite being short-lived, it's been valuable to you in some way. You can find an interview with editor Abe Callard in an upcoming edition of The Browser.

The Comic That Is Impossible To Finish

In Praise of Shadows | YouTube | 22nd April 2022

Anatomy of Strangehaven, the comic book that never ends. The comic is thus an inadvertent chronicle of its creators life. As the years pass, "the art continues its ever-shifting evolution; some panels are now painted in ink-washes, and he is becoming more comfortable in using lots of deep blacks to create a mood instead of detailing everything" (2h 02m 41s)

Goldman vs. Silverman

Elara | YouTube | 4th January 2020

While making Uncut Gems, the Safdie brothers shot this little gem gonzo-style on the streets of Manhattan. Adam Sandler plays a gold-painted busker who faces his nemesis—the silver man, played by Benny Safdie. Watch for the unwitting reactions of passersby, who have no idea they are watching an international superstar, and for the lovely, melancholic ending (6m 41s)

Radical Honesty

Bianca Poletti | Vimeo | 22nd April 2022

Another six-minute short, this one more talky. Two urbanites on a Tinder date find themselves attracted to each other, and at first it seems like the man's open relationship status is not a problem. "Love is not about possession or controlling someone," they agree. "It's about honoring yourself and your partner's humanity." This dictum soon gets deflated with a startling, hilarious punchline (6m 36s)

Why Your Attention Sucks

Hoog | YouTube | 25th April 2022

Average time spent watching a YouTube video is a decent measure of its quality, but "when a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure." With online creators desperately trying to capture attention, the average attention span is going down. One piece of evidence for this phenomenon is that the half-life of popular Twitter hashtags is decreasing over time (8m 05s)

Evocative Video Of The Week

A dog is resurrected in a thrilling multimedia short

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