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The Browser Newsletter

A cereal box

Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason

Awkward date

Interesting addition to your breakfast

✅ Yes

✅ Yes

✅ Hope it’s a long breakfast

❌ But you have to pretend otherwise

Fun facts to share with friends and family

✅ Yes

✅ Yes

✅ If they care about transcendental idealism

❌  Fun for them maybe


✅ Yes, just $5 per month or $48 per year

✅ Yes, if you shop around a bit

✅ In money yes, in time no

❌ Not worth it

Recommended in the New York Times

✅ Yes

✅ Probably

✅ Surely

❌ No

Top quality giraffe pictures

✅ So many

❓ Maybe

❌ Sadly not

❌ No

Available on your phone

✅ Yes

❌ No

❌ It’s not the same, really

✅ Yes (perhaps too available)

Brought to you by former editors at the Economist and New Statesman

✅ Yes

✅ Hopefully not but maybe in this job market

❌ No

❌ Not unless things are really dire


✅ Yes

✅ Yes

❌ No

❌ Very much no

Key foundation of modern philosophy

❓ Maybe some day

❓ Only for Edie Brickell

✅ Yes

❌ They wish

Subject Matter

Anything and everything

Mostly cereal

The limits and scope of metaphysics

Their ex, extensively

If you don’t like it

Unsubscribe easily any time

Sad breakfast

Read a summary and pretend

Fake a phone call

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