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This week: our review of Abbas Kiarostami’s film Taste of Cherry, "one of the most honest films, more honest than any documentary I have seen."

Cooking Food On The Internet For Fun And Profit

Folding Ideas | YouTube | 15th May 2020

Introduction to the (weird) world of YouTube cooking shows, and some tips on how to make a successful one. "The trick is that most viewers won't try to make the vast majority of what they watch, and this goes just as much for a 200-year-old wedding cake recipe that takes a week to assemble, or a 5 minute omelette." Funny throughout (21m 37s)

Freedom Is A Serious Crime

Rafa | Vimeo | 26th May 2020  

Sharply edited footage of the past few months in Hong Kong, accompanied by a cryptic protest poem. "If only I could go back in time, before the trap unfolded on us. I would make you flee with me, far away from Blueweb. But now I have no choice but to join the freedom fighters, because I cannot accept that everything you fought for was in vain" (4m 43s)

When Art Restoration Goes South

Solar Sands | YouTube | 21st February 2020

Think of the worst art restoration imaginable – this 2012 amateur restoration of the 1930 painting "Ecce Homo" is much, much worse. In fact, it was so bad it become an international meme, the source material for an opera (?), and ultimately a tourist attraction for the small Spanish town where the incident occurred (11m 29s)

Microtonality In Western Music

David Bennett | YouTube | 22nd May 2020

Examples of pop and classical pieces that use microtonality include the quarter-tone twang of blues guitar, the opening clarinet slide of "Rhapsody in Blue," risers in techno music – however, the human voice is ultimately the most microtonal instrument. A fresh look at the capabilities of Western tone (18m 34s)

Fun Video Of The Week

An elaborate stay-at-home Rube Goldberg machine

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