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How Men Taught Us To Hate Corsets

Karolina Żebrowska | YouTube | 28th March 2021

On the contemporary conspiracy of corset-condemnation. "It was mainly madams who designed corsets, and mainly madams who sewed them, in their madam-owned studios, so no wonder men—especially those opposed to women's suffrage—were so keen to pick on women's corsets." Chock-full of historical fun facts: did you know that Victorian men wore corsets too? (15m 10s)

Pacing Is Precarious

Trago | YouTube | 25th January 2021

Pacing is the fabric of cinema. Michael Bay paces his films like a "child with a calligraphy pen, writing nonsense, but beautifully"; in The Big Short, "Barry Ackroyd's wandering camera and impatient edit creates a pace and excitement and immediacy that rivals even an action blockbuster." Pacing underscores every beat of a film—and yet, the audience should never notice (4m 17s)

How The US Stole Iraq

Johnny Harris | YouTube | 26th January 2021

It all began with a conference at Camp David, during which Paul Wolfowitz planted the seed in Bush's mind. Targeting Al-Qaeda alone in revenge for 9/11 would have been like trying to "hit smoke with a baseball bat," so Bush and the American government opted instead to pursue war in Iraq—a totally separate country (18m 59s)

How Air Ambulances (Don't) Work

Wendover Productions | Youtube | 26th January 2021

It's almost universally believed (and acted upon) that when you're being taken to a hospital following physical trauma, faster equals better. But is this true? Many studies find no correlation. Thus, "the entire American air ambulance industry is built on a collective, unverified assumption." The industry is also 1) a market failure and 2) totally unregulated (22m 33s)

Beautiful Video Of The Week

Tracking that alluring visual motif: the supermoon

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