Today's cryptic clue type is the container, where the wordplay involves putting some extra letters (a word, an initial, an abbreviation) inside another word. Try this:

Mammals that fly around hot tubs (5)

In this clue, a word for "mammals that fly" is wrapped around a single letter representing "hot" to give a word meaning "tubs"

Container Indicators

Containers will always have an indicator that references either one thing going inside another, or one thing going around another.

Words for around include:

  • Words related to eating or consumption: “eat,” “swallow,” “gobble up,” “consume”
  • Words like “take”, “grab,” “get”
  • Prepositions like “around,” “outside”, “with”
  • Words about surrounding: “encasing,” “encircling”

Words for inside include:

  • prepositions like “in,” “inside”
  • words like "breaking"

Have a go at this one – note that the surface sense is extra-confusing here, and several of the words are being used in misleading senses!

Today's Cryptic: Containers

And on to today's cryptic! Containing many fine clues....

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