Your First Mixed Cryptic: Anagrams, Charades and Double Definitions

Well, isn't this exciting: it's time for your first mixed cryptic, featuring the three types of clue we've learned so far: anagrams, charades and double definitions.

Here's  reminder of some of the tricks you can use to distinguish these different cluetypes, though (of course) it might not be simple to tell in practice....

  • Anagrams are anagrams. They have an indictator word that conveys anagram-ness – there's a barmy range of options but they include words related to scrambledness, confusion, chaos, movement, arrangement, vigorousness, weirdness, madness, explosions, brokenness, disturbance, and so many more
  • Charades have no indictator words. They are composed of a series of synonyms, abbreviations and literal words that you string together to get the answer.
  • Double Definitions have no indicators. They're composed of two literal definitions, usually describing different senses of the word. A very short (three or four word) clue is liable to be a double definition.

But you don't need all this talk, you're surely raring to start – welcome to the fine feeling of sitting down in a nice chair on a sunny/rainy/cloudy day and solving a cryptic grid, may you have many more to come....

Clue Types + Explanations

See the clue-type or the full explanation for each clue in today's grid by hovering over the hidden text.

clue: 1-Across. After a pause, picks up job applicants' submissions (7)
type: double definition
explanation: RESUMES means "[picks up] after a pause", and also means "job applicants' submissions"

clue: 5-Across. Sitcom comes to a close following Friday (7)
type: charade
explanation: FRIENDS, a sitcom, is ENDS (comes to a close) following FRI (as in 'Friday')

clue: 6-Across. General faked blow up (7)
type: anagram
explanation: ENLARGE is the letters of 'general' anagrammed (that is, 'faked'), and means 'blow up' e.g. for a photo

clue: 7-Across. Tavern's disorganized maid, perhaps (7)
type: anagram
explanation: SERVANT is the letters of "tavern's" anagrammed (that is, 'disorganized') and the definition is 'maid, perhaps'

clue: 1-Down. Group navigating the rapids beams (7)
type: double definition
explanation: RAFTERS are both a 'group navigating the rapids' (as in, people sailing a raft) and 'beams' (as in, ceiling beams, aka rafters).

clue: 2-Down. More tranquil actor Ben (7)
type: double definition
explanation: STILLER means "more tranquil", and also actor Ben Stiller.

clue: 3-Down. Relatively small California island (7)
type: charade
explanation: "Relatively small" is 'minor', "California" is "CA", and together they make MINORCA, an island.

clue: 4-Down. Mix up sect's possible perpetrator (7)
type: anagram
explanation: If you "mix" the letters of "up sect's" you get SUSPECT, the possible perpetrator

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