Cut, Noise, Sheriff, Steal, Fire

How To Steal Like Wes Anderson

Thomas Flight | YouTube | 8th September 2020

Tracing Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel back to two of its influences, Bergman and Hitchcock, as a way to think about artistic citation. Even when he's directly recreating a scene from Hitchcock's Torn Curtain, Anderson subverts the audience's expectations, creating a dialogue between the two films that elevates his homage beyond mere duplication (8m01s)

Using Cuts As A Visual Effect

David F. Sandberg | Vimeo | 6th September 2020

David F. Sandberg (director of Shazam and the horror hit Annabelle: Creation) explains how to use cuts to disguise practical effects and emphasize impact. "Oners can be awesome, and there is such a thing as too many cuts – but clever, quick cutting is great." It can bring out the suddenness of a moment in a way that one long take can't. Warning: Gory clips from horror movies (5m24s)

Hamming Codes, H■w To Ov■rco■e N■ise

3Blue1Brown | YouTube | 4th September 2020

How can we transmit data in a way that's resilient to errors? For example, how does a scratched CD play back the right sounds? Hamming codes, a family of error-correction algorithms, are a way of solving this problem. The simple solution is that any change in data should be reflected in every bit of data (this is called a parity check). Technical, but enlightening (20m04s)

How A Florida Sheriff Harasses Families

Tampa Bay Times | YouTube | 9th September 2020

Exposé on how a Florida sheriff "bothers" people considered likely to commit crimes in the future. Body cam footage reveals targeted arrests for arbitrary code enforcement citations or not wearing a seatbelt, as well as continual harassment of residents as young as 15. The tactics are eerily reminiscent of Minority Report's "Precrime" unit (10m11s)

Terrifying Video Of The Week

Blade Runner's thunderous synths make recent aerial footage of San Francisco feel especially apocalyptic

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