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Is There An Oldest English Dialect?

Simon Roper | YouTube | 20th October 2021

One way of measuring a dialect's age: how many distinctions are preserved? For instance, in American English, "court", "caught," and "coat" each sound unique. In Cumbrian, a more recent dialect, vowel mergers have resulted in these three words being pronounced identically. Surprisingly, American English is one of the more "conservative" English dialects (13m 22s)

13 Levels Of Pumpkin Carving

Wired | YouTube | 26th October 2021

There are experts in everything—even pumpkin carving. Although it seems childish, it requires many of the same skills as sculpture; "if you're carving a face, you need to know about how far the nose comes out from the face, how deep the eyes sink in...Shadow's gonna form just due to the way the light falls on this actual object now" (23m 20s)

Red Dress. No Straps.

Maryam Mohajer | Vimeo | 19th February 2018

At the height of the 1985 Iran-Iraq War, a little girl hears two noises. From her Grandfather's radio, the Voice of America; from her school assembly, chants of "Death to America." All the while, she retreats into her dreams of being a pop star...The animation is revelatory, blending tangible textures with fuzzy abstraction in just the way memories do (8m 23s)

Chemistry Of Beer

Adam Ragusea | YouTube | 18th October 2021

Some hypothesize that beer was an offshoot of bread (both coming from wild grains). But archaeologists have found evidence of beer fermentation predating agriculture—in other words, "people may have invented civilization for the purposes of making beer." And it's made from starches, thus much harder to produce than something like wine (19m 53s)

Browser Video Of The Week

In our new series Browser Bets we ask thoughtful people to predict the future in ways you can actually measure. Sebastian Park was the VP of Esports for the Houston Rockets and is now an investor at BITKRAFT Ventures and Infinite Canvas. Here he takes bets about the future of NFTs, the Creator Economy and user generated content, and talks about how his background influences how he makes predictions (59m 05s)

Hypnotic Video Of The Week

A hermit peers through a telescope at a magical woodland village

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