Disaster, New York, Rich, Opera, Impasse

My New Book Was A Financial Disaster. What Happened?

Austin McConnell | YouTube | 30th August 2021

After unearthing a manuscript written by his late grandmother, an aspiring author attempts to flesh it out into a novella and self-publish it, relying on his sizable YouTube following to buy copies. They don't. "My channel's target demographic is males aged 18-34, and I was trying to sell them a book meant for middle-grade girls" (10m 53s)

New York Stories

Criterion Collection | YouTube | 31st August 2021

New York City is probably the most filmed place of all time. What patterns emerge in its cinematic depictions? Contrasts abound, like taking the subway vs. taking a cab. "You got your people in overcoats and galoshes and you got your people in t-shirts and shorts. Sometimes the same people, sometimes different ones. Sometimes the different ones become the same." Stirring montage (3m 03s)

How Did America Get Rich After World War 2?

Casual Historian | YouTube | 31st August 2021

In two words: consumer spending. The trials and tribulations of the 30s and 40s (the Great Depression and WW2) had caused a "culture of savings" in America, so when the economy returned to normal in 1945, a vast amount of money was dumped back in, on things like houses and cars. But this influx would not have been possible without FDR's Keynesian policies during the Depression (27m 35s)

Opera Isn't Boring: My Favourite Thrillrides

Inside the Score | YouTube | 27th August 2021

Why opera is more than people "screaming in some inconsequential language, wearing a viking hat." In fact, it's one of the most immersive art forms. "This great catholic prayer is being sung, the church bells are all ringing like crazy, the incense is swinging, there are cannons going off outdoors—when you're in the theater with this music utterly engulfing you, it just overwhelms the senses" (11m 18s)

Browser Video Of The Week: Spencer Greenberg

Baiqu talks to Spencer Greenberg, mathematician and founder of ClearerThinking.org. He unpacks what it means to be in a scout mindset and how to apply rational thinking to Amazon purchases (22m 49s)

Creative Video Of The Week

1978 animated short; if Saul Bass were an abstract filmmaker

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