Dubstep, Sex, Gold, Levitate, Shackleton

All My Homies Hate Skrillex: A Story About What Happened To Dubstep

Timbah on Toast | YouTube | 28th January 2022

You probably think you hate dubstep, but the obnoxious image that word connotes does not reflect its origins as a dark, brooding reflection of British urban decay. Skrillex took over the genre in the 2010s, and "fate could not have conspired to thrust a more infuriating person into the role of dubstep's ambassador to the world" (52m 51s)

Sex and Taxes

Bitbutter | YouTube | 9th March 2022

A fairly convincing argument that taxes are unconsensual. Whether that's a condemnation is a different question—one might think certain unconsensual things are necessary—but using public services is not giving "implicit consent" to be taxed, just as a kidnapped person who accepts food is not giving implicit consent to be kidnapped (4m 59s)

Monsieur Cachemire

Iouri Philippe Paillé | YouTube | 7th March 2022

A mystery man in a cowboy hat strolls into a bank manager's office and asks for a loan of half a million dollars. He wants funding to venture into the heart of the South American jungle and find the lost city of El Dorado, for which he has a map. The manager is initially suspicious but is gradually won over, leading to a hilarious payoff (16m 13s)

Did Dua Lipa Actually Plagiarize Levitating?

Adam Neely | YouTube | 6th March 2022

Despite sound almost identical to a pre-existing song by Artikel Sound System, Dua Lipa's hit "Levitating" is probably not stolen. "If you were to argue this case in court, as it's been argued in the court of public opinion for the past several days, you'd effectively be saying that a mostly white reggae band from South Florida owns musical tropes that originated with black folk" (9m 31s)

Eerie Video Of The Week

Footage of Ernest Shackleton's sunken ship the Endurance, discovered this week after more than a century

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