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Automated Dystopia And The Worst Tourist Attraction Of All Time

What's So Great About That? | YouTube | 17th March 2022

London's Marble Arch Mound, one of the most disastrous tourist attractions in UK history, is a symbol for the "automated dystopia" of capitalism. Shortcuts were taken to increase government profit, resulting in an expensive, utterly meaningless object. "“There is an arrogance commonly found within the architecture industry which views landscape as just the spaces between buildings" (18m 48s)

7 Super Common Chord Progressions And Why They Work

David Bennett | YouTube | 23rd March 2022

There is, of course, the famous "Axis of Awesome" progression (I-V-VI-IV), but there are others, too: the Spanish Andalusian Cadence, which works because of its sense of inevitable descent, the Doo-Woop Progression ("Happiness is a Warm Gun", Justin Bieber's "Baby") and the Mixolydian Vamp ("Hey Jude", "Sweet Child O' Mine", "Sweet Home Alabama", "Royals") (20m 57s)

What Happens If You Don't Eat For 44 Days?

What I've Learned | YouTube | 20th March 2022

In 1970s, Soviet doctors claimed fasting for a month was the way to cure all physical ailments; in 2003, David Blaine sealed himself in a glass case and fasted for 44 days. This dwarfs in comparison to Scottish man Angus Barbieri, who fasted for more than a year and lost more than 200 pounds. The hunger goes away pretty quickly, but nutritional problems soon arise (15m 38s)

What's With Logos These Days?

Undefined | YouTube | 22nd March 2022

A strange phenomenon: in the past few years, nearly every corporate logo has been redesigned with a flatter, more minimalist look. "One company decided to be he first to join the bandwagon and all the others went along for fear of getting left behind in outdated land—because dimension, texture and character are so last decade" (5m 35s)

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