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The Conversion Of Constantine: What Really Happened?

ReligionForBreakfast | YouTube | 17th September 2020

According to ancient biographers, Constantine was visited by Jesus in 312, the night before the Battle of Milvian Bridge, and inspired to overwhelm his enemy Maxentius's forces. Others claim the visit was from Apollo, not Jesus, and occurred two years prior to the battle. Some modern historians believe the vision was in fact a rare "solar halo". A historical event shrouded in mystery (15m 59s)

In Search Of A Flat Earth

Folding Ideas | YouTube | 11th September 2020

In-depth psychological diagnosis of the flat Earth movement, arguing that "the shape of the Earth might actually be the least important belief of flat Earth." Accordingly, many flat-Earthers have migrated to QAnon. For both worldviews, "any counterargument is clearly manufactured by an opposition that isn't merely indifferent to truth, but actively, knowingly, suppressing it"(1h 16m 16s)

Why Do We Hate Dream Sequences?

This Beautiful Fraud | YouTube | 13th September 2020

Analysis of the fiercely negative reaction audiences typically have toward movies that explore dreams. "Feelings of ecstasy and despair resonate more intensely in our dreams than in real life. A movie, however, is a third-person-based medium, so while they can be great at expressing the experience of dreaming, ultimately we are still observers, rather than active participants" (7m 58s)

How To Sample

Imaginary Ambition | YouTube | 16th January 2018

Succinct tutorial on "the art of recycling music" — biting drums from a Radiohead album and a wistful piano melody from Scott Joplin, creating a bass by distorting the sound of a hand slapping a garbage can, and chopping it all together into a finished beat. Quite funny — at one point, veers into a tragicomic detour about the plight of the abandoned 808 machine (3m 55s)

Funny Video Of The Week

Sci-fi comedy short — two floating ships have an awkward encounter

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