Ethiopia, Copper, Graves, Variation, Eyeballs

Wax And Gold

Farm League | Vimeo | 13th February 2020

A visual poem about Ethiopian culture. Folktales of ancient Ethiopian monks tossing coffee seeds into a fire and accidentally inventing coffee. Ruminations from Mulatu Astatke on how modern jazz scales are lifted from African tribal music. "Traditional African and Ethiopian stuff is always there in the background, and it's calling for you." (27m31s)

How a Former Rocket Scientists Makes the Best Copper Pots in America

Eater | Youtube | 22nd February 2020

Instructions from a former rocket scientist on the "dance" of copper cookware creation. With copper from Chilean volcanic mines, Jim Hamann and his partner Fernando spin their shimmering copper wheels. It is a meticulous craft – any nick in the spinning wheel will disfigure the copper all the way around. Really demonstrates the beauty of an odd and singular profession. (11m38s)  

Duterte's Graveyard

The Atlantic | Youtube | 29th January 2020

The graves left behind from Rodrigo Duterte's brutal "Tokhang" (War on Drugs). Locals give their horror stories of death, addiction and police brutality. "These graves we are building might be for us," a local gravedigger cheerfully interjects. "This night's operation was alphabetical," says another. "The one they previously killed in a narrow street started with the letter L. So tonight they killed someone with the letter M." (12m2s)

Variation: 14 Ways to Compose With One Idea

David Bruce | Youtube | 3rd February 2020

How to write variations on a musical idea (using "Amazing Grace" as a sample theme). Useful to anyone interested in music theory or composition. Methods include: rhythmic variation, harmonic variation, modal variation, Bach & Beethoven variation, timbre variation, note speed variation, and Indian raga variation. Also explores the benefits and pitfalls of different methods. (17m41s)

Strange Video Of The Week

Weird, gross-looking alien eyeballs form a Mandelbrot set

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