Five Books Newsletter 10

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Five Books Newsletter

Dear Five Books reader,

Below our book choices for this week, chosen from our library of interviews.

With best wishes,

Sophie (

This Week's Books

"He bears witness to the Holocaust, but he’s a scientist, and he needs to understand the ethical system, as it were, behind those crimes. However perverted it is, he’s trying to understand how it works."

Aleksandar Hemon on Man’s Inhumanity to Man (’s-inhumanity-man)

"This was the first sad book I really loved... It’s really, really heartbreaking. But for some reason you want to read it again and again."

Michael Morpurgo on Books for Children (

"Jim is a wonderful writer and the book really turns out to be the story of somebody trying desperately to hold onto his youth…It’s a very funny book."

Joe Posnanski on Baseball (

"It’s a juicy romance novel for young people, set in Victorian England, but it’s just loaded with economics."

Yana van der Meulen Rodgers on Economics for Teenagers (

"David Shukman on Environmental Change"

Diane Coyle on The Soulful Science (

Quote of the Week

"Despite the risk of appearing to explain evil away, there is a moral imperative to understand the causes of evil, the better to minimise it."
Steven Pinker on the Decline of Violence (

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