Five Books Newsletter 13

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Five Books Newsletter

Dear Five Books reader,

We are happy to announce that our new site, ( , is going live over the weekend. From now on, we'll be sending you our newsletter of weekly recommendations on Sunday evening, EST. The newsletter will alert you to the week's new interview, recommend interesting books from our extensive library of interviews and, initially at least, give you some directions on how to use the new site to find interesting books.

For now, we'll leave you with a list of book recommendations chosen by Toby Ash, one of our veteran interviewers, from some of his favourite interviews. Have a lovely weekend!

Have a lovely weekend!


This Week's Books

"Tocqueville probably understood America better than probably anyone else at the time or since."

Robert Reich on Saving Capitalism and Democracy (

"Testament of Youth is simply one of the finest, most heart rending and most moving memoirs; not just of the Great War, but of any conflict"

Wade Davis on Legacies of World War One (

"She really focuses in on Putin the man and inverts this common picture of a glamorous, decisive, tough guy to show that the reality is sordid, scary and in a way rather pathetic."

Edward Lucas on Putin and Russian History (

"The truly radical thing about Ha-Joon Chang’s approach is that he’s saying there is ‘no one size fits all’ policy for all economies at all times in history."

Michael Lind on American Economic History (

"It’s beautifully written. It has a sumptuous, poetic style"

Edmund White on Gay Fiction (

Quote of the Week

"I’m not convinced the apostrophe is worth fighting for"
Henry Hitchings on Language (

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