Five Books Newsletter 21

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This week's interview

Simon Blackburn on David Hume

Hume had a message he wanted to get out — particularly as regards skepticism about religion — but he was no proto-Richard Dawkins, says Simon Blackburn. He chooses the best books on David Hume.

Books of the Week"Yegenoglu explores the western fascination with the veil and the veiled women of the east."

Elif Shafak on Turkey ("We know the main narrative of World War I – Germany loses and Britain wins – but within that big narrative people’s individual experiences often have no relation at all."

Geoff Dyer on Unusual Histories (’-yachts-by-fred-schwed"Even now, some 70 years later, this is still the funniest book ever written about Wall Street."

Jason Zweig on Personal Finance (üver"It's a true detective story about photography."

Errol Morris on Photography and Reality ("Anil Ananthaswamy is like a pilgrim on a journey, travelling to these great scientific establishments and trying to understand the universe."

Stuart Clark on Astronomers (

Quote of the Week

"Hume’s position is you can’t check out of Hotel Supernatural with any more baggage than you took into it. That’s a very important discovery. It means that arguing about the existence of God becomes kind of pointless."
Simon Blackburn on David Hume (

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