Five Books Newsletter 22

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This week's interview

Alec Ash on What Novelists Read

Who better to suggest a good read than a novelist? Continuing our summer “Staff Picks” feature, Alec Ash selects five recommendations straight from the horse’s mouth.

Books of the Week"Levi’s place of exile is so trapped in its own poverty that even Christ couldn’t reach it."

Paul Theroux on Travelling ("It is lively, well written and for any readers looking for insight into the debate about creationism you couldn’t pick a better book."

Kenneth Miller on Arguments against Creationism (’s-companion-complete-book-ingredients-and-recipes-australian-kitchen-by-stephanie-a"She’s very good on ingredients, and because she’s had years and years of experience, it’s very, very first hand."

Nigel Slater on The Top Cookbooks of All Time ("In those days we didn’t have marriage, we had sex clubs."

Jonathan Rauch on Marriage ("I have travelled a lot in Japan, and it’s difficult for me to travel there without Basho near me."

Edmund de Waal on Inspiration for Writing and Art ("It’s fun, rollicking and, at times, hilarious. It is the prose of someone who was educated before Marxism entered the campuses and before any whiff of political correctness existed."

Dan Morrison on The Nile (

Quote of the Week

"We all know that if we pursue pleasures to excess they turn into something painful."
AC Grayling on Being Good (

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