Five Books Newsletter 23

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This week's interview

Lucy Coats on Greek Myths

The author of one of the best children's books on Greek myths chooses her own favourites. There's one for children, one for teenagers, one for scholars, one to read out loud and one that's very definitely adult in content...

Books of the Week"This book demonstrates that smart, well-constructed investments in global health can achieve a widespread impact on the way people live."

Rajiv Shah on Breakthroughs in Development ("What is very attractive about the book – apart from the fact that Fischer was such an extraordinary player – is the honesty of his comments."

Dominic Lawson on Chess ("Joe Sacco is the foremost figure in what he calls ‘comics journalism’ – he really established this category."

Hillary Chute on Graphic Narratives ("Persuasion is really the best of the novels. As many people have pointed out, it’s different in tone from any of the others."

Patricia Meyer Spacks on Jane Austen ("The detective is not a revolutionary, but he’s leery of the system and suspicious of promotion."

Richard McGregor on The Chinese Communist Party ("This is a completely popular book about quantum physics: there is not a single equation in there."

Vlatko Vedral on The Quantification of Everything (

Quote of the Week

“The Chinese are always talking about the Japanese not coming to terms with what they did in World War II. But the Chinese themselves have not come to terms with the Cultural Revolution.”
Rod MacFarquhar on The Cultural Revolution (

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