Five Books Newsletter 24

Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

This week's interview

Ian Buruma on East and West

The writer and historian selects five Western perspectives of the East, including a novel of colonial India, a travelogue of disappearing Japan, and the collection of essays that lifted the veil on Mao's China.

Books of the Week"I could happily have chosen any of his books, but I went for this collection of essays."

Fred Inglis on The Cult of Celebrity ("We now know that FDR in all likelihood did not have polio."

Seth Mnookin on Vaccines ("I didn’t know, before I read it, that Hanna Mina was one of the most well-known Syrian authors."

Nikolaos van Dam on Syria ("Fox does a wonderful job of telling the story of how the concept of the efficient market got completely out of whack."

Barry Ritholtz on Causes of the Financial Crisis ("Narayan is a genius. I only discovered him last year and I have now read everything he has ever written."

Jeffrey Archer on Bestsellers ("The pleasure of reading his letters is to see somebody at work on constructing a personality, on constructing a self."

Jonathan Keates on Great Letter Writers (ć"He shows the lives of ordinary people set against major historical events."

Arnold Jansen op de Haar on A Poet Soldier’s View of Bosnia (’s-view-bosnia)

Quote of the Week

“Travel writing should be like traveling with an interesting person.”
Colin Thubron on Travel Writing (

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