Five Books Newsletter 6

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Five Books Newsletter

Dear Five Books reader,

Below our selection of books for this Friday. Our new interview this week is historian and historical novelist Ian Mortimer recommending books on Life in the Tudor Era ( . Some of his choices are very serious but he's also included a children's book ( and one ( that I read and greatly enjoyed as a teenager.

Meanwhile, for those interested in current affairs, I've posted all our interviews relating to Israel and Palestine on our temporary homepage, ( .

Have a lovely weekend!

Sophie Roell (

This Week's Booksé

"The result is a masterpiece. Tintin is immersed in extreme realism – Shanghai exactly as it was in 1934."

Michael Farr on Tintin (

"Matt Taibbi is the poet laureate of vitriol."

Barry Ritholtz on Causes of the Financial Crisis (

"Most of the book takes place in 1938 when the narrator of the book goes and plays tennis every day in the garden of the Finzi-Contini and falls in love with the daughter of the family, Micol."

Tim Parks on Italian Fiction (

"If I could keep only one cookbook, this would be it."

Nigel Slater on The Top Cookery Books of All Time (

"If tranquillity is your goal – and Irvine argues that it’s a worthwhile goal – then the Stoic way of life is pretty plausible."

Emrys Westacott on Philosophy and Everyday Living (

"This is a desktop summary of the state of dinosaur science…written for a non-specialist audience."

Paul Barrett on Dinosaurs (

Quote of the Week

"In my life you have people coming to Washington who want to do good or turn the country around and are seduced. They are seduced by power, they are seduced by wanting to stay in office."
Mark Bloomfield on Lobbying (

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