Five Books Newsletter 7

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Five Books Newsletter

Dear Five Books reader,

This week we offer you Chad Harbach, the bestselling author of the The Art of Fielding and one of the founding editors of literary magazine n+1 ( , as our new interview ( .

Below, our selection of interesting books for the week, from our extensive library of interviews. As our quote of the week (always at the bottom of this email) I leave you with the comforting news that most people's understanding of relationships is about 100 years out of date.

Have a lovely weekend!

Sophie Roell (

This Week's Books

"In Arabic, the word for travelling is safar and from the same Arabic root you get the word sifr, meaning an old-fashioned volume of a book or a scroll. The reason they come from the same root is because when you travel, you are unrolling the world beneath your feet."

Tim Mackintosh-Smith on Travelling in the Muslim World (

"I started laughing aloud, and finally I laughed so hard that I actually fell off the couch."

Eloisa James on Romance Writing (

"The most interesting people to talk to are scientists but often they are not that articulate, and difficult to understand. So when you get a scientist who can explain things clearly it is a real opportunity."

Mark Kurlansky on Favourite Science Books (

"When I read this book I thought, ‘Yes, this is the game I want to play.’"

Marcus du Sautoy on The Beauty of Maths (

"It’s rare to combine warfare and gardening."

Penelope Hobhouse on Horticultural Inspiration (

Quote of the Week

"The average person’s understanding of relationships is about 100 years behind the time."
Mira Kirshenbaum on Relationship Therapy (

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