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Links to all our original FiveBooks interviews of the week before, plus a pick of the best content on The Browser.
FiveBooks weekly newsletter: Links to all our original FiveBooks interviews of the week before, plus a pick of the best content on The Browser.

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Michael Dirda on Sherlock Holmes

Friday December 7

Conan Doyle wrote 56 short stories and four novels starring his fictional sleuth. So where to start? The writer and lifelong Sherlockian gives us his personal choice of the best, and tells us more about their creator Continue reading… (

Mary Warnock on Godless Morality

Thursday December 6

Which comes first, morality or religion? And what happens when religious dogma clashes with the morality it purports to uphold? The philosopher suggests some essential reading on the subject Continue reading… (

Richard Beeston on Spies, Lies and Foreign Correspondents

Wednesday December 5

The former foreign correspondent takes us on a gloriously anecdotal ramble through the history of war reporting, espionage and journalistic half-truths, and recalls his encounters and friendship with "the third man" Kim Philby Continue reading… (

Peter Ackroyd on London

Tuesday December 4

The historian and biographer of London picks five books that shine a light on parts of this vast, complex and confusing city where, he says, pathos and pantomime meet Continue reading… (

Jo Tatchell on Desert Nations

Monday December 3

The author explains the allure of desert nations, through a discussion of books including Arabian Sands by Wilfred Thesiger and Sultan In Oman by Jan Morris Continue reading… (

Best of the Moment

The Insourcing Boom

Charles Fishman | Atlantic | 30 November 2012

After years of offshore production, General Electric is moving much of its appliance manufacturing back to the United States. Here is why it makes business sense to do so, and why others are beginning to follow suit More like this (


Population and Resources

Will humans run out of natural resources? Is population growth a danger to society? Or will human innovation conquer? You decide Read on (

Book of the Week

Book of the Day

An Intimate History of Humanity  by Theodore Zeldin

Roman Krznaric says: “I think this book is a watershed in the writing of human history. Zeldin connects the past with the present like no other historical writer” FiveBooks Archive (

Quote of the Week

Katie Roiphe, on divorce (

"This is one of the very few times in adult life when you get a chance to reinvent yourself”

More quotes (

Reader Recommendations

@polit2k RT @robertcottrell: Latest global racket: Honey laundering (no typo): #browsings ( More like this (

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