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Links to all our original FiveBooks interviews of the week before, plus a pick of the best content on The Browser.
FiveBooks weekly newsletter: Links to all our original FiveBooks interviews of the week before, plus a pick of the best content on The Browser.

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Sophie King on Creative Writing

Friday December 14

The author and creative writing teacher tells us where to go for tips on finding one's voice, grabbing readers' attention and getting published Continue reading… (

Clarence B Jones on The Best Speeches of All Time

Thursday December 13

The friend and adviser to Martin Luther King Jr, who contributed to the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, tells us how great speeches come about and what they can mean Continue reading… (

Susan Gelman on Essentialism

Wednesday December 12

Putting people and things into categories is something we all do. It’s a useful shortcut but reveals biases. And it plays a role in everything from ethnic violence to childhood development, as psychologist Susan Gelman explains Continue reading… (

Uta Frith on Autism

Tuesday December 11

The author of "Autism and Talent" and "Autism in History" puts her subject into historical context and tells us why studying the development of the mind continues to fascinate her Continue reading… (

Philip Plait on the Wonders of the Universe

Monday December 10

The astronomer and author of the acclaimed Bad Astronomy blog gives us a superbly informative beginner’s guide to the galaxy, taking in the birthdate of the universe, solar flares and much, much more Continue reading… (

Best of the Moment

In Rust Belt, A Teenager’s Climb From Poverty

Anne Hull | Washington Post | 9 December 2012

Tabitha Rouzzo, 17, was dealt a poor hand in life. She is determined through hard work and sheer effort to get out of the circumstances in which she grew up. But leaving poverty is tougher than it once was in America (h/t D Lippman) More like this (


Conflict in Syria

The Syrian conflict is causing terrible destruction and loss of life. This report charts how protests against the Assad regime descended into a bitter war  Read on (

Book of the Week

Book of the Day

Arctic Dreams  by Barry Lopez

Robert Macfarlane says ( : "It’s an investigation into how we imagine place and how place imagines us. It changed my life and really made me become a writer, if any one book did" FiveBooks Archive (

Video of the Week

The Cave. Plato's Allegory In Clay


Classic. If only one YouTube video survives the Mayan apocalypse, let it be this one More videos (

Quote of the Week

Teller, on choice (

“If you are given a choice, you believe you have acted freely. This is one of the darkest of all psychological secrets”

More quotes (

Reader Recommendations

@RottenInDenmark RT @longreads "Homies: What Happened to Everyone I Went to Middle School With?" #browsings ( More like this (

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