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Links to all our original FiveBooks interviews of the week before, plus a pick of the best content on The Browser.
FiveBooks weekly newsletter: Links to all our original FiveBooks interviews of the week before, plus a pick of the best content on The Browser.

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Randall Grahm on Wine

Friday December 21

The Californian winemaker gives us a fabulously eclectic reading list for understanding and enjoying the world of wine
Continue reading… (

Richard Baum on Obstacles to Political Reform in China

Thursday December 20

The late China specialist and UCLA professor said sometimes he felt genuine admiration for China’s technocratic leaders. Other days he shook his head at their obsessive intransigence and China's endemic political insecurity Continue reading… (

David Edmonds on Ethical Problems

Wednesday December 19

Given the choice between allowing five people to die, and killing one person, what would you do? What is the utilitarian argument for vegetarianism? Should we be able to sell our kidneys? The philosopher suggests some answers Continue reading… (

Tuesday December 18

The author tells us about his favourite novels with legal themes and the issues of justice, morality and human mess they bring to light Continue reading… (

Vlatko Vedral on The Quantification of Everything

Monday December 17

The professor of quantum information theory at Oxford tells us about books that successfully popularise quantum physics and the science of complex systems. Look, no equations! Continue reading… (

Best of the Moment

Utopian For Beginners

Joshua Foer | New Yorker | 17 December 2012

John Quijada, a 54-year-old former employee of the California State Department of Motor Vehicles, invented a language, "Ithkuil". It's a monument to ingenuity and design. And then Ukrainian militants started showing an interest More like this (


Guns in America

How does one make sense of the killings in Newtown and Aurora? And will Americans, will President Obama do anything to stop it happening again? Read on (

Book of the Week

Book of the Day

Reasons and Persons  by Derek Parfit

David Edmonds says ( : “It’s beautifully written, incredibly thoughtful and well-argued, with fantastically imaginative thought experiments” FiveBooks Archive (

Video of the Week

The Mostly German Philosophers' Love Song


Does exactly what it says on the tin More videos (

Quote of the Week

Michael Mauboussin, on skill (

"There's a quick and easy way to test whether an activity involves skill; ask whether you can lose on purpose"

More quotes (

Reader Recommendations

@henrylf The Thought Experiment That Proved Light Has A Speed Limit: @io9 on the de Sitter Effect #browsings ( More like this (

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