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A wonderful feast of interviews for you this week.

[2]Pedro Ferreira on The Universe
Monday, October 4th
Oxford astrophysics professor Pedro Ferreira sees beauty in science itself.
‘As we discover the mathematical equations that are the scaffolding of the
universe  we  are  very much driven by aesthetics. So it’s possible to
deconstruct what we mean by aesthetics in science as opposed to art: it has
to do with simplicity, universality, richness. To appreciate the true beauty
you have to be on the inside, to understand how the equation works.’

[3]David Goldberg on Astrophysics
Monday, October 4th
The associate professor of astrophysics at Drexel University has been active
in  the  construction  of the new [4]Joseph R Lynch Observatory. He is
interviewed by 17 year old physics student, Eric Bolton.

[5]Harry Sidebottom on Rome
Tuesday, October 5th
The bestselling author and Oxford historian chooses books on Ancient Rome,
including an atlas of the empire and a history of Roman art. He explains why
there was a 100-year-long fashion for vanity sculptures depicting a wizened
and elderly head on a strapping young soldier’s body.

[6]Ian Buruma on Japan
Wednesday, October 6th
The journalist, writer and academic describes Japan after the Second World
War – a place he describes as rich in complexity, absurdity, benevolence and
darkness. He chooses five books on Japan, including a biography of Kafu the

[7]Robert McCrum on US and UK English
Thursday, October 7th
Co-author of The Story of English, Robert McCrum describes the three stages
of the evolution of English. The first is a British stage, the second is
American and the third is the ‘globish’ 21st-century stage in which English,
or globish, is being used internationally as a default position.

[8]Stephen Evans on Victorian Adventures
Friday, October 8th
British High Commissioner to Bangladesh Stephen Evans says the great game
continues to this day. ‘I spent time in Taliban-controlled Kabul and visited
the frontlines with the Hindu Kush mountains in the background. I saw the
Taliban and the anti-Taliban resistance exchanging artillery fire. The
outcome of the conflict was being watched by the world. And, in his Afghan
hideaway, Osama Bin Laden was plotting 9/11. As far as I was concerned, that
was the “Great Game”.’

[9]Madhur Jaffrey on Wonderful Cookbooks
Saturday, October 9th
A mouthwatering interview with the award-winning actress and bestselling
cookery author Madhur Jaffrey, in which she talks about the perfect mango
cheesecake,  gives her own quick recipe for quail and the secrets of a
sublimely textured risotto. She chooses her five favourite cook books.

Don’t miss Mary Warnock on Godless Morality, up today.

Have a wonderful week.
Anna Blundy
Editor, FiveBooks

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