FiveBooks Newsletter 20

Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

In case you missed the FiveBooks series on American Conservatism, including
Mitch Daniels, Karl Rove and Grover Norquist, and you were wondering who on
earth these Tea Party people are, do click on [1]this link and all will be

Here's the week's interviews for you.

_[2]Scott Turow on Legal Novels_
Monday, November 1st
Bestselling  novelist  Scott Turow chooses the best five legal novels,
including _To Kill a Mockingbird_, an interesting segue between literature
and the law, a popular novel and a call for the Civil Rights Act. ‘I often
talk about Atticus Finch,’ he says, ‘because people wouldn’t believe any
more in a lawyer that good. Lawyers were supposed to be paragons and the
reality that they weren’t always that way came with Watergate in the 70s.’

_[3]Debanjan Chakrabarti on Sportsmanship and Cheating_
Tuesday, November 2nd
The academic with cricketing dreams says the idea of good sportsmanship is a
19th-century imperial construct, and that there is a grey area between
cheating and a primal, naked desire to win at all costs. He chooses five
books on sportsmanship, racism and things that are and are not cricket.

_[4]Robert Chandler on Tales of Soviet Russia_
Wednesday, November 3rd
Translator  and  poet  Robert  Chandler describes a Russia of escaping
countesses, dogs in space, champagne breakfasts in desolate cafés, mules
with a vision of eternity and the interminable digging for a proletarian
dream that can only turn into a nightmare.

_[5]Helen Guldberg on Man and Ape_
Thursday, November 4th
The developmental psychologist says that we, like no other animal, have
culture. We have built cities, nation states and governments, we’ve created
language, invented the alphabet and produced art and literature. We can
diagnose illnesses and cure them, we have a sense of right and wrong and of
where we want to take society. She chooses five books on the human mammal.

_[6]Professor Keith Jeffery on the Secret Service_
Friday, November 5th
The author of _M16: The History of the Secret Intelligence Service_, says
James Bond is not complete fiction. Biffy Dunderdale, whom Fleming knew, and
who was the MI6 Head of Station in Paris in the 1930s, was a man of great
sangfroid and style who liked fast cars and pretty women. Unlike Bond,
however, he spoke perfect Russian and many other languages. The name’s
Dunderdale, Biffy Dunderdale…

_[7]Rose Levy Beranbaum on Wonderful Cookbooks_
Saturday, November 6th
The world’s baking guru chooses the cookbooks that have inspired her and
talks  about  slow-cooked  onion  pasta sauce, the flakiest, tenderest
croissants, moist chocolate and almond cake, sticky bread dough, syrupy
gulab jamun, and boiling shrimp in real sea water.

Don't miss [8]Elif Shafak on Turkey today!

Have a great week.


Anna Blundy

Editor, FiveBooks

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