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Dear FiveBooks Readers,

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A brilliant week of interviews for you here, kicking off with PJ O'Rourke
saying some not altogether politically correct things about Sweden, and
ending with table tennis player Matthew Syed telling us how to win (it's all
about hard work I'm afraid).

_[2]P J O’Rourke on Political Satire_
Monday, November 29th
P J O’Rourke talks Swift, Huxley, Orwell and Waugh and says we now live in
the world of _1984_ but, instead of being a horror show, a television that
looks back at you is just a pain in the ass. It’s _1984-Lite_. Sad in one
way, but a relief in another.

_[3]David J Lynch on Economic History_
Tuesday, November 30th
The author of _When the Luck of the Irish Ran Out_ says the villains were
reckless banks that binged on cheap capital to fuel a housing and credit
bubble that was larger even than that in the US, facilitated by blind or
cowed regulators and politicians who were happy to pretend that the good
times could last forever.

_[4]Tariq Modood on Multiculturalism_
Wednesday, December 1st
Multiculturalist   Tariq   Modood  says  the  key  difference  between
multiculturalism and liberalism is that liberalism is all about the rights
of individuals and multiculturalism balances the rights of individuals with
the rights of people to belong to cultures which may be minorities with
their own traditions. This approach can ignite dispute – female circumcision
being a prime example.

_[5]Dani Rodrik on Globalisation_
Thursday, December 2nd
The Harvard political economist advocates giving up hyper-globalisation.
Democracy and national self-determination are important values, he says, and
we will have a safer economic globalisation if we explicitly accept that
democracy will remain a national phenomenon, that each society has the right
to  select  its  own  rules  and regulations. He chooses five books on

_[6]Simon Brett on Whodunnits_
Friday, December 3rd
The prolific crime novelist says a great whodunnit creates a world of its
own, and at the end of the book you know more about that world. In a crime
novel, that’s done through a murder investigation, but at the end you know
not  only  who  committed the crime, but you also know a lot about the
environment that gave rise to this kind of pressure, the boil that was
lanced by the murder. He chooses five great whodunnits.

_[7]Matthew Syed on Champions_
Saturday, December 4th
The table tennis champion and journalist says hard work transforms the
internal  software we use to process information and fosters potential
greatness. ‘It is often very specific, so if you build up an expertise as a
taxi-driver it is not transferable to being an expert as a mathematician. In
the  old days when we were jack-of-all-trades we really were master of
none.’ He chooses five books on being a champion.

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Anna Blundy

Editor, FiveBooks

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