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Dear FiveBooks readers,

_Great news!
We  are  very  excited  to  announce that this week we will be merging
[1] with [2] to create one site dedicated to
Writing  Worth Reading. For those of you who are not yet familiar with
[3]TheBrowser, it is the premier curator of opinion and analysis articles on
the web. In addition to our daily FiveBooks interviews, we will be featuring
article recommendations along with new Topics pages. Readers will be able to
contribute their own recommendations through our Browsings page. We hope you
will enjoy exploring the new site!_

_[4]Dan Cruickshank on Architectural History_
Monday, December 6th
The architecture expert and television presenter chooses five books on the
history of architecture, explaining the ruthless beauty of 1960s tower
blocks, the 17th-century innovation – the corridor, and why Stalin abandoned
revolutionary modernism for Tsarist splendour.

_[5]Roger Pielke on Climate Change Innovation_
Tuesday, December 7th
Environmental studies professor Roger Pielke says innovation and argument is
the only way to reverse climate change. We need to try everything and see
what works, because there’s one thing we all agree on: we don’t want the
lights to go out!

_[6]Mira Kirshenbaum on Relationship Therapy_
Wednesday, December 8th
The internationally acclaimed relationship therapist chooses five books on
how to mend a broken relationship. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say
it, she explains. ‘Someone might say “How are you?” in a way that both made
you feel dominated and made you feel like crap.’ Sound familiar?

_[7]Peter Hitchens on the Perils of Ideology_
Thursday, December 9th
The right-wing journalist says the left has been liberated by the fall of
the Berlin Wall, that speech is probably freer in modern Russia than it is
in Britain and that an electoral system which awards votes for vocational
qualifications, university degrees and valour is ‘curiously attractive’. He
chooses five thrillers with a message.

_[8]Adam Hart-Davis on Popular Science_
Friday, December 10th
The popular scientist and television presenter describes how Charles Darwin
got his children to play the bassoon to earthworms and says he saw David
Attenborough glow with pride after having his photo taken with Jim Watson.
He chooses five spectacular popular science books.

_[9]Irvine Welsh on Crime Novels_
Saturday, December 11th
Cult novelist Irvine Welsh says standard British crime heroes are white male
divorced alcoholics who listen to jazz. He chooses instead a disturbed
Russian  student  (yes,  him), a predatory homosexual, a working-class
Edinburgh punter, a Boston private eye and a bright kid.

Have  a  wonderful  week and please do your [10]Christmas shopping via
FiveBooks. Don't forget to enter our [11]Christmas Quiz! Your chance to win
that lavish $30 Amazon voucher. Yours,

Anna Blundy

Editor, FiveBooks

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