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Dear FiveBooks Readers,

Here are the links for China Week:

_[2]Harry Wu on Communist China_
Monday, June 21st
Labour camp survivor Harry Wu talks about the horrors of Communist China and
says our desire to do business with China has forced us into denial about
the camps and the 50 million dead.

_[3]Elizabeth Perry on Popular Protest in China_
Monday, June 21st
Harvard Professor Elizabeth Perry discusses the popular protest in China
that does exist. They choose ten books on China.

_[4]John Kampfner on Freedom_
Tuesday, June 21st
Chief executive of Index on Censorship and veteran journalist, John Kampfner
chooses  books on China, Russia and the push and pull of political and
private freedom.

_[5]Rod McFarquhar on the Cultural Revolution_
Wednesday, June 23rd
Harvard’s China expert, Professor Roderick MacFarquhar, chooses five books
that  pick  apart  and clarify the infinite complexity of the Cultural
Revolution. He says the enormity of the crime is something the country has
yet to come to terms with.
_[6]Richard McGregor on the Communist Party_
Thursday, June 24th
Veteran Asia correspondent Richard McGregor reminds us that Chairman Mao was
once a cuddly guy from the Andy Warhol paintings and a visionary statesman
who  allowed  Nixon  to  visit China. He chooses five books on Chinese

_[7]Xinran on Understanding China
_Also available in Chinese:_ [8]薛欣然访谈录 理解中国_
Friday, June 25th
Author, columnist and Chinese women’s champion Xinran chooses books on
understanding the real China.

_[9]Kent Deng on China in the World’s Economy_
Friday, June 25th
China’s economy is central to expectations of where global growth is headed
in  2010,  but LSE’s Dr Kent Deng argues that, contrary to Eurocentric
opinion, China has always been an important part of the world economy. He
chooses FiveBooks on China’s place in economic history.
FiveBooks Weekend:

_[10]Dacia Maraini on Italian Literature_
Saturday June 26th
Legendary Italian writer and feminist Dacia Maraini chooses five great works
of Italian literature (that do not include Dante) – poems about shepherds
and  the moon, peasant portraits from old Sardinia, unexpected nephews
descending on maiden aunts, flying female warriors and ancestral ghosts.

Have a great week.
Anna Blundy
Editor, FiveBooks

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