Adams Models

John Adams

Tyler Cowen | Conversations | 14th December 2022

The American composer and conductor John Adams proves wise and charming throughout this lively conversation about his own work and about music more generally. Topics include Adams's latest opera, Anthony and Cleopatra, classical music versus contemporary music, Charles Ives, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Robert Ashley, Morton Feldman, San Francisco, clarinets and cinema (7,200 words)

Analogies For Large Language Models

Dynomight | 8th December 2022

Ignore the unwieldy title. This is a virtuoso display of synthetic thinking about how all scenarios imagining the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the future of society are captured by the historical analogies on which they rely. Will AI do for office work what railroads did for horses? Or what tractors did for farming? Or what guns did for swords? Or what photography did for painting? (1,620 words)

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