Advice Sketches

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Sketches From Ukraine

Dave Eggers | Believer | 6th April 2023

For me, the best essay of the year to date. "I want to tell you about the wretched suffering that you have seen and read about, but if you will permit me, I’d also like to tell you that Ukraine is an almost fully functioning nation that defies one’s expectations for the conditions of life during wartime. If Ukraine is not the most resilient and defiant nation on Earth, please show me what is" (11,300 words)

Reckless Advice

Daniel Lavery | Literary Hub | 4th April 2023

How to give good advice. Lessons learned from a five-year stint as agony columnist for Slate. You decide what the person with the problem really wants to do, what they want to hear, what you think they should do, and from these you triangulate a compromise. "It’s difficult to remain impressed with one’s own opinion when that opinion must be reproduced to order throughout the week" (1,010 words)

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