Against Prosperity

The Fastest Path To African Prosperity

Magatte Wade | Palladium | 7th June 2024

…is not through education; Africans joke that the first job for a Ph.D. is taxi driver. To prosper, nations must go from being “closed access” to “open access”. In “closed access” societies, elites prevent market competition through rent-seeking restrictions on economic activity. How can they be persuaded to give up their exclusive privileges? Botswana, Rwanda, and Mauritius offer lessons in reform (4,200 words)

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Against Stories

Sam Kahn | Castalia | 7th June 2024

Stories embed themselves in our psyches through narrowly-defined rules — a beginning, a middle, and an end; moments of crisis followed by resolution. Much of life does not align with the world as it is presented in stories. Writers like E.M. Forster and Virginia Woolf have expressed an aversion to the optimised story structure. “Get into the story sensibility and you expect everything to artfully resolve itself” (1,900 words)

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