AI Penguin

Take The "I" Out Of AI

Kevin Munger | Crooked Timber | 22nd May 2023

A sensible, small, concrete, and, one imagines, relatively straightforward step towards demystifying artificial intelligence and making its product more recognisable. AIs should be required, if necessary by law, to stop referring to themselves as "I", and to stop referring to humans as "we", in text and speech. To pass as human was once a test for an AI, but is not the job of an AI (1,200 words)

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The Penguin Emperors Of Fluid Dynamics

Sam Harris | Chalkdust | 22nd May 2023

Instinct and evolution have equipped Antarctic penguins to huddle against wind and cold with mathematical precision. Random, static huddling would leave those on the edge of a huddle to freeze and those in the middle to overheat. What penguins actually do (some algebra required) is to regroup dynamically so as to maximise the sheltering effect across the huddle as a whole (2,200 words)

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