Ain't Everything

In Praise of “Ain’t”

Richard Goodman | Brevity's Nonfiction Blog | 22nd November 2023

Saying "ain't" is superior to using "isn't" for lots of reasons, it is argued here, despite objections that this word is ungrammatical. "It’s strong, it’s musical — when was a one-syllable word so close to two? — it looks as good as it sounds. It’s economical. It’s working class, it does its job. The reasons against it are, in fact, purely those of class. It’s a beautiful word, a noble word" (950 words)

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Everything In Barbra Streisand’s Memoir

Andrew Hopf | Interview | 20th November 2023

Streisand's 966-page memoir, My Name is Barbra, took her twenty years to write, but has no index. This writer has now supplied one, and it makes for an interesting way to experience the book. "Another unsupportive male" receives just one entry; Goethe and "giving birth" get two; "see-through pantsuit" and Fiddler on the Roof have three; Stephen Sondheim, meanwhile, has over a dozen (21,000 words)

Finding what you want in 966 pages without an index can be a little tricky. Finding what you want in all the daily outpouring of the internet is... difficult. Let the Browser help: we save you the search, and send five outstanding articles, a video and a podcast daily.

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