Airport Art

Deconstructing Brian Eno's Music for Airports

Dan Carr | Reverb Machine | 11th July 2019

Analysis of Eno's landmark 1978 ambient album, which was a continuation of years of experimentation with the tape machine as an engine for composition. He focused on generative systems rather than melodies, creating loops of different lengths that keep interlocking in new ways as they repeat. There is a clever tool here that the reader can use to make their own piece in browser (1,722 words)

The Art World’s Catholic Problem

Daniel Larkin | Hyperallegenic | 27th November 2022

Relationships between major museums and the Catholic Church are too little critiqued. Mounting exhibitions of Old Masters is difficult without the full co-operation of the Vatican and other church collectors. "Why are we as art critics getting it wrong? Why does the Vatican get to play the ventriloquist, subtly but effectively influencing what we write and do not write?" (2,437 words)

The Vatican wants to subtly influence what critics write; The Browser wants to very unsubtly influence what you read. Disclaimer: we're heavily biased towards outstanding work.

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