Alaska Kat

E. E. Cummings And Krazy Kat

Amber Medland | Paris Review | 20th July 2022

On Krazy Kat, a cartoon strip by George Herriman that ran between 1913 and 1944 and which had "a cult following among the modernists". E.E. Cummings was a fan, as were Pablo Picasso and James Joyce. Herriman's formal experimentation was a big attraction. His panels are uneven, their borders reflecting the action within, with eccentric intermission sections to control the narrative pace (1,922 words)

Meal Planning In Remote Alaska

Bree Kessler | Eater | 13th July 2022

How to feed yourself in a rural Arctic community. Other than in the dead of winter, when it is possible to drive on the frozen river, all food must be grown at home or imported by air. People eat well by planning ahead. The freezer is everything — generally filled with precious moose meat. And yes, in extremis, Amazon Prime will still deliver items like coconut milk with free shipping (2,477 words)

People read well by planning ahead, too.
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