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On Writing: An Abecedarian

Priscilla Long | Hudson Review | 24th January 2022

Alphabetically arranged essay on the history of writing. At "Y" for "Yesternight" comes this musing on why some words survive while others are forgotten or relegated as archaic. "Language is always in flux, always changing, morphing, moving. Words are added; words drop away. Words shift in meaning to mirror the world: digitise used to mean to manipulate with the fingers" (4,423 words)

On The Trail Of Colombia’s Sloth Cartel

Natasha Daly | National Geographic | 11th January 2022

Investigation into Latin America's illegal trade in sloths. Like other illicit markets, this one also has its cartels, its kingpins and its conflicts. While on the trail of the region's most notorious trader, the writer ends up in some strange situations. One source was busy poaching other species when she caught up with him, so "he stashed the owl somewhere before sitting down to talk" (4,480 words)


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