Amazon and Tourette's

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Infiltrating Amazon

Mostafa Henaway | Breach | 11th November 2021

Insider's account of working the night shift at an Amazon delivery station. Full of intriguing detail. Every evening when the author arrived for work, he strapped on the robotic tools that would supervise his every move. "We’d log into our device, and from that moment on no longer be in control of our actions." Gradually he realises that even managers are just there in service of the machines (3,962 words)

?: Lars Doucet On Tourette's And Narcolepsy

Uri Bram | The Browser | 24th November 2021

Coprolalia doesn't "magically make you say the F-word specifically," but rather "whatever I’m thinking right now in the least charitable and most offensive way" – which can be worse. "Bad experiences (forcible exorcism, being detained by police)" are a peril, "but they’ve been thankfully rare." The cons outweigh the pros, but "an incredibly brazen but disarming personality" has its benefits (4,270 words)


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