American Labyrinth

Putin In His Labyrinth

Jonathan Tepperman | Octavian Report | 14th March 2022

Illuminating conversation with ex-Kommersant editor Alexander Gabuev about Putin's psychology and worldview. Covid exacerbated Putin's isolation and fed his broodiness, his obsession with Ukraine. Putin planned his war in secret, doubting his army. "If you tell any sane Russian military person that their mission is to bombard Kiev to liberate it from Nazis, they’ll know it's nuts, right?" (3,900 words)

The Quantified American Self

Taylor Orth | YouGov | 16th March 2022

Americans overestimate, often wildly, the size of minorities and sub-groups within their country. On average, they think that 21% of all Americans "are transgender"; the "true" proportion rounds to 1%. They estimate that 27% "are Muslim", versus a "true" 1%. Black Americans "estimate that, on average, Black people make up 52% of the U.S. adult population"; the "actual figure" is 14% (1,100 words)

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