Arctic Only

Encountering The High Arctic

James Conaway | Hedgehog Review | 10th May 2023

Beautiful piece of writing — embellished memoir, might one say? — about going to the Arctic for National Geographic. "I am bound for Ellesmere Island, a vast orogeny still birthing after 300 million years, with an intermediary stop in the town of Resolute on Cornwallis Island under glaciated hills. Distant cliffs levitate and then are gone, then back again, shimmering in the thermals" (2,970 words)

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The One And Only

Alan Lightman | NYRB | 17th December 1992

Classic appreciation of Richard Feynman, ungated for two weeks, carpe diem. "Feynman's Lectures on Physics, to be found on the bookshelves of almost every professional physicist in the world, are a triumph of human thought. They deserve a place in the history of Western culture along with Aristotle’s collected works, Descartes’s Principles of Philosophy, and Newton’s Principia" (4,500 words)

What a lovely day for appreciating a triumph of human thought. Appreciate some of the smaller victories along the way, too: the Browser recommends five outstanding pieces of writing, plus a video and a podcast, every day.

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