Atomic Perfume

Balance Of Terrors

Zachary Loeb | Real Life | 21st March 2022

Revisiting a 1957 essay by an "Atomphilosoph", or "nuclear philosopher", in light of events in Russia and Ukraine. In "Commandments in the Atomic Age", Günther Anders argued that the world doesn't spend enough time being afraid of its end. "Don’t be a coward. Have the courage to be afraid," he said. We should know that a catastrophe may come and not be crushed by the possibility (2,725 words)

How To Choose Your Perfume

Jude Stewart | Paris Review | 23rd March 2022

Transcript of a conversation about scents. Full of arresting details, such as: only twenty per cent of fragrances are luxury perfumes — the rest are created as "functional perfumes" for laundry detergent and cleaning products. To smell can be to travel in time; the cologne Napoleon wore is still on sale. Perfume can provide an invisible armour and a shortcut to a particular emotion (2,855 words)

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