Augustinian Elite

The Augustinian Settlement

Nathan Goldwag | Goldwag’s Journal On Civilisation | 1st July 2024 | U

Historians mark 27 BCE as the year the Roman Republic transitioned into the Roman Empire, when Augustus became its first Emperor — without actually establishing an “Empire” or the office of “Emperor”. The Republican system was retained, while a dynasty that would last centuries was formed. How was this done? Extraordinarily detailed account of the forces that shaped Rome’s turning point (3,600 words)

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Elite Misinformation Is An Underrated Problem

Matthew Yglesias | Slow Boring | 26th June 2024 | U

Case in point: fossil fuel subsidies. For years, the mainstream press have reported on governments subsidising fossil fuel companies to the tune of trillions. These stories are based on an International Monetary Fund report, in which the majority of subsidies mentioned are “implicit subsidies” — in other words, governments’ failure to impose a carbon tax being characterised as a subsidy (1,900 words)

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