Awe Manual

Notes On Awe

David Gross | Less Wrong | 5th March 2024 | U

Children start off with a lot of natural awe, but adults become mired in ennui — an acquired defence against the mysterious. Some tips to rekindle awe: “take an awe walk, go somewhere new each week. With the right outlook, it can be found almost anywhere but most likely in places with vastness and novelty. Attend a spectacle — cathedrals and rock concerts have their own apparatuses of awe” (11,000 words)

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A Manual For Adversity

Darran Anderson | City Journal | 2nd March 2024 | U

Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations may have inspired the self-help genre, but the book endures for reasons beyond its maxims on life, war, and death: “a real person is there, in actual places and granular moments — examining bread or figs, staring into a fire, watching ears of corn bending toward the soil or waves crashing on headlands — intimacies which bring us within a breath or a thought of him” (3,800 words)

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