Bad Saola

I’m Addicted To Bad News

Casey Plett | Walrus | 20th February 2024 | U

When did having a habit of keeping up with the news switch from “being well-informed” to a self-destructive behaviour? Probably the early 2010s, when it became “like pressing a button that caused one to get punched in the face over and over again by a cartoon glove marked ‘DREAD’”. It’s a question of control: “The world may be awful, but if I know about it, then at least I know” (750 words)

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In Search Of The Last Saola

Jeremy Leon Hance | Ensia | 15th February 2024 | U

On the hunt for the world’s most elusive large land mammal. Thought to reside in Annamite Mountains on the border between Laos and Vietnam, the saola is also known as “the Asian unicorn”. It looks like a huge antelope, but it is genetically closer to wild cattle. It was only discovered in 1992 and last photographed in 2013. While searching, the hunters have already found a new kind of frog (4,200 words)

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