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The Beautiful Dissociation Of The Japanese Language

Marco Giancotti | Aether Mug | 20th April 2024 | U

…Lies in the difference between the spoken and written forms. Japanese was purely oral until 5th-century scholars adopted Chinese characters, or “kanji”, sometimes only for their sound and not their meaning. A single Chinese character can represent several spoken Japanese words, so one kanji can have many different meanings and sounds. Example: there are over 15 ways to pronounce “life” in kanji (3,900 words)

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History Of Online Public Messaging

Jeremy Reimer | Ars Technica | 29th April 2024 | U

From Morse’s prophetic first message via telegraph — “what hath God wrought?” — all the way to social networks today. Full of amusing facts: Usenet veterans in the 1990s dreaded Septembers, when undergraduates would discover and pepper newsgroups with naive questions. “What started as a fun hobby for nerds has led to a world where everyone feels anxious and uncertain as they “doomscroll” infinite feeds” (4,400 words)

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