Behind Dialects

What The Germans Left Behind

Anna Parker | Granta | 17th January 2024

On the afterlife of the Sudetenland. Now in the Czech Republic, this area began to be settled by Germans in the 16C and was annexed by Hitler in 1938. Germans were expelled in 1945, and the photographs and memorabilia of their tenure is now valued as kitsch decoration. “The men balance cigars between their index and middle fingers. I wonder which of them were Nazi collaborators” (4,700 words)

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Accents And Dialects In The United States

Megan Ulu-Lani Boyanton | Smithsonian | 17th January 2024

Every twist and turn of American history is audible in the vast array of accents and dialects spoken across the country. Colonists and immigrants brought their speech with them, and then spread them as they migrated across the continent. Travel was historically easier in the west than in the east, which is why the vocal differences there are “slightly more homogenised” and “subtle” (2,000 words)

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