Belly Prodigy

In Egypt, Foreigners Dominate Belly Dancing

Chahrazade Douah | New Lines | 21st September 2022

Egyptian belly dancing is full of contradictions. Purists consider it "one of the last authentic Egyptian art forms". It is also now mostly performed by non-Egyptians. Since the golden age of belly dancing ended in the 1960s, a rise in religious conservatism has made it an unattractive occupation. Dance moves and costumes are regulated and performers do prison time for violations (2,221 words)

Philosophy’s Lost Prodigy

Lincoln Allison | Engelsberg Ideas | 20th September 2022

Recollection of Gareth Evans, a philosopher who died forty years ago at the age of 34. It was obvious, this friend writes, from their first Oxford class that Evans was "at least the intellectual equal of the tutor". Even before he graduated the great minds of the field were lining up to meet him. But not everyone was happy "to be told at whatever level of frankness that they were stupid" (1,734 words)

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